Texas Threesome by Natalia Wood

Heat Level 5

Texas Threesome: Threesome Erotica (a BBW Cowboy MMF Menage Romance)

What happens when a big-city girl from Chicago has to make a solo trip into cowboy country? Way more naughty fun than she could ever have imagined!

Fateful events bring Debra into the lives of Rodney and Mitch, two hard working cowboys both in the midst of a dryspell when it comes to the sensual pleasures from women.

Debra’s heart skips a beat and lust surges through her veins the first time she glances at the hard and tanned chiseled bodies of these two hot cowboys. Will Debra surrender to desire and double her pleasure with a Texas Threesome?

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Erotica: Menage a Trois (Historical Erotica, Threesome Erotica, Group Sex) by Kathleen Hope

Heat Level 5

WARNING – This story contains hot and steamy sexual erotica content and is not suitable for all ages. 18+

“Who is he?”

“Marco,” I gasped.

“On your knees,” Charles growled.

I knelt and he pushed me forward. I felt him slide into me and groaned as he began to move. Marco laid his violin on top of the piano and walked over to where Charles was pounding against me. I watched him unfasten his pants as the orchestra continued to play the almost frantic tempo. My mouth went dry at the sight of him. He and Charles had the same build but Marco was taller. My gaze fastened on the part of him straining for attention. I’d been right. He was large and thick. Slowly, he approached us and knelt in front of me.

“Worship the Lord of Song,” Charles said from behind me.

I glanced at him briefly before taking Marco into my…

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Claimed By The Cowboys 2 (Claimed Series) by Jamie Klaire

Heat Level 5

It is not necessary to read Claimed By The Cowboys first, but it might be fun!

After a hot night with both brothers, Rose learns how the cowboys really earn their income- on Saturday nights, after all the dude ranch guests go back to their real lives, a portion of the back forty becomes a wild swinger’s club that caters to some pretty famous people.

Rose is given free rein to play as a guest instead of as staff, but her business mind can’t help but come up with ideas to grow the operation, and her libido isn’t interested in the famous faces she sees in the orgy room. What Rose wants is to be between the two cowboys again, in bed and in business.

Bonus excerpt of Taking My Husband And His Twin is tucked in at the end of this story.

This sexy short is not for those under 18.
Aprox 11,600 words, not including supplementary material

Note:This is a short story in transition.
Jamie Klaire writes shorts, but she fell in love with writing about cowboys, so she is starting a new cowboy romance pen name JENNY KLAIRE for longer, hot, cowboy romance stories.
So if you like this short, at the end you will have links to Jamie’s catalog for more shorts, AND a link to Jenny’s longer, novel length version of this story that continues where this one leaves off.

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Welcome to the Neighborhood: FFM Menage

Heat Level 5

19-year-old Vicki Barnes is home for Spring Break but she’s all alone in her parent’s big home – they’ve gone touring and won’t be back for months. Boredom has well and truly set in… that is, until she sees the new neighbors moving in across the road. They’re a beautiful couple in their late thirties or early forties, and Vicki is intrigued, not to mention turned on, when they share an X-rated kiss, right there in the driveway before rushing inside like two sex crazed teens.

The guy is smoking hot, so hot that she barely noticed the woman. The woman soon notices Vicki though, and when her husband goes to New York on a three day business trip, soon sets about making fast friends with the sexy young girl. Vicki doesn’t know it yet, but her summer is about to get unbearably hot…

Don’t miss this fantastic debut by new author Alyssa Goodman. This is a steamy standalone novella with no pesky cliffhangers. 18+

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How Cassie Got Her Grind Back

Steam:: Steam Level 5

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, HEA] Cassie Villalobos promised Samson and Ivan Cutter on the day they graduated high school that she would pursue her dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter, no matter what. Raised under the dictatorial thumb of her father, Cassie’s promise went unfulfilled. Newly single, her hands are full running her coffee shop, Divine Drip, and dealing with her aging parents, and lothario ex-husband. Samson and Ivan left Divine after graduation, never intending to return, but they’ve never forgotten their love for Cassie. Banked embers flare between the three at their thirty year class reunion. Although she has friends in menages, Cassie is intimidated by the desire of two men, believing she is past her prime and the men set out to change her mind. Samson’s passion for sadism is balanced by Ivan’s easy affection, and Cassie finds the combination irresistible. Hope flares for fulfilling all her dreams while stirring the distorted illusions of someone obsessed with controlling her. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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What format is this book in? eBook

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