Texas Threesome by Natalia Wood

Heat Level 5

Texas Threesome: Threesome Erotica (a BBW Cowboy MMF Menage Romance)

What happens when a big-city girl from Chicago has to make a solo trip into cowboy country? Way more naughty fun than she could ever have imagined!

Fateful events bring Debra into the lives of Rodney and Mitch, two hard working cowboys both in the midst of a dryspell when it comes to the sensual pleasures from women.

Debra’s heart skips a beat and lust surges through her veins the first time she glances at the hard and tanned chiseled bodies of these two hot cowboys. Will Debra surrender to desire and double her pleasure with a Texas Threesome?

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Erotica: Menage a Trois (Historical Erotica, Threesome Erotica, Group Sex) by Kathleen Hope

Heat Level 5

WARNING – This story contains hot and steamy sexual erotica content and is not suitable for all ages. 18+

“Who is he?”

“Marco,” I gasped.

“On your knees,” Charles growled.

I knelt and he pushed me forward. I felt him slide into me and groaned as he began to move. Marco laid his violin on top of the piano and walked over to where Charles was pounding against me. I watched him unfasten his pants as the orchestra continued to play the almost frantic tempo. My mouth went dry at the sight of him. He and Charles had the same build but Marco was taller. My gaze fastened on the part of him straining for attention. I’d been right. He was large and thick. Slowly, he approached us and knelt in front of me.

“Worship the Lord of Song,” Charles said from behind me.

I glanced at him briefly before taking Marco into my…

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